4 Shipping Methods to Consider When Sending Your Next Package

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When sending a package, most people opt to use a convenient method without doing any research. While this will work for an individual most of the time, a business owner should do more research to save money and time. Most businesses small, medium or large send and receive more packages than your average Joe, so consider the following when choosing couriers and other shipping methods etc..

Ocean freight forwarder: When putting a pallet on a boat, one can save money and make sure that their item arrives safely. This is an excellent option when a company does not want to pay inflated shipping costs to send an item via airmail. In fact, when sending any large item, one should put it on a boat as it will save the shipper a significant sum of money. Without a doubt, this is the best option when a seller does not need to have the package arrive within a few days.

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When sending a small and expensive item, one must consider using a courier. With this option, a seller can send their item quickly and without trouble. Usually, a courier will hand deliver the package and carry it with them every step of the way. This is a great way for a company to impress the receiver of the item as they will appreciate the hands on approach. While this is not the cheapest option, this is the safest way to send a fragile and expensive item across the globe.


Sometimes, a person can put a package on a train. This is a perfect solution when a sender has an established relationship with the person receiving the package. When going to the train station, one would only need to discuss the situation with an employee who can set up the shipping arrangement. While more expensive than shipping something via mail, it will arrive quickly and in one piece.

Small shipping companies

Now, most people will use FedEx, UPS or the mail system. When sending a package to an exotic location or a small town, one should look into smaller shippers. Often, a customer will like the experience and will get a lower price to send their item. Though not always viable, this is the perfect option for a person who is fed up with the established shipping companies. Remember there is plenty of competition and a business owner must exploit this by finding the best deal.

When shopping around and finding the best deal, one can save plenty of cash. In fact, the difference can be shocking to most people.


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