4 Fun Spa Party Ideas You Can Do At Home

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4 Fun Spa Party Ideas You Can Do At Home 300x130 4 Fun Spa Party Ideas You Can Do At HomeAn ongoing trend in party planning has been the home spa party. Girls of all ages love get togethers that are all about caring for their body. They are easy to do and fun to plan. If you want to host a spa party, consider the following fun party ideas that are perfect to do at home:

Culinary Experience Spa Party

A healthy body requires healthy food. Why not have a spa party where it’s also a healthy culinary experience? Many foods are used in the spa process, as well. For example, cucumbers are well-known as having anti-inflammatory ingredients and often used for treating puffy, tired eyes. Utilize cucumbers and other food ingredients in your spa treatments at home, but also make them the centerpiece for a great culinary experience for each of your guests.

Birthday Celebration Spa Party

Whether it’s a 5th birthday or your 100th birthday, you and your friends will love a birthday celebration spa party. Pampering yourselves with Jacuzzi hot tubs, massages, and different skin treatments is a perfect way to celebrate the process of aging gracefully. The key for a successful party is to make it fun; you could even rent a good movie to watch while you and your guests are having treatments done or relaxing in Jacuzzi hot tubs.

Fun and Games Spa Party

There are times where there is no reason to have a spa party but to have fun. Holding a home spa party that includes fun and games is a great way to get friends together. There are many different spa-type games you can play, including having guests go wild with mud colored mud masks and awarding a prize to the most creative. You could even purchase sleeping masks and give a prize for the most elaborate decorated mask.

Relaxation Spa Party

Another option is to go all out and concentrate on a relaxation theme. Soft playing music, a glass of wine while soaking in the Jacuzzi hot tub and several relaxation stations set up in your home is the perfect idea for those who need a little spoiling . Relaxation stations could include a manicure treatment, pedicure treatment, and facial. Each guest will go away feeling pampered.

These, of course, are just a few ideas you can use for a home spa party. All you need to do is choose a theme, and you and your friends can enjoy an evening of getting pampered.

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