3 Ways You are Damaging Your Knees

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knee replacement surgey 3 Ways You are Damaging Your Knees

Our knees do an awful lot for us. They bear a major load, absorb shock and so much more. When we are bounding up and down stairs or doing simple things like getting up or sitting on a chair, we don’t really think about this neglected part of the body. Apart from the occasions when we feel a twinge of pain or have a problem, our knees are very often forgotten. We are so busy concentrating on seemingly larger bones and muscles that we don’t realise the importance of a strong set of knees.

The mechanical stress our knees bear on a day to day basis is immense. Add to that bad lifestyle, posture or work out habits and we cause further damage to them. Did you know the knees are the largest joint in the human body? They are made up of a complicated mechanism that needs proper care much like everything else.

People continue to damage their knees without even realising, unless the pain becomes super intense and leads to worse complications and complicated solutions like knee replacement surgery.

Let us take a quick look at how you might be damaging your knees –

  1. You have gained some weight – It is said that the knees bear the pressure of thrice the amount of every pound that you weigh. When you sit and think about it that is an awful lot of weight to bear. While these joints are built to handle that stress, every additional kilo can lead to some major pressure on your knees. While a little bit of weight gain here and there may be fine, being overweight increases the chances of a host of health problems, one of which include osteoarthritis of the knees. It damages your cartilage and further accelerates an arthritis condition if it is already something you are suffering from.
  1. You don’t pay attention to your body – One of the worst things you can do to your body is not listen to the signals it is sending you, and the same applies to your knee joints. If you are feeling even slight pains and discomfort, it is never a good idea to brush it off and carry on with physical activities. Have them checked out before the problem gets severe or reaches an irreversible stage. If you already have a knee injury, however minor, make sure you get the required treatment, rest and physical rehabilitation needed. Just because you may have started initial treatments doesn’t mean you can jump straight back into the same level of activity and physical demands.
  1. You don’t get the right nutrients – Like any other machine, your body too has to be well oiled and fuelled with all the right ingredients. An unhealthy and unbalanced diet does little to nothing for your bones, tendons, ligaments, muscles, cells and much much more that go into making it run in the most efficient manner. The lack of nutrition can be severely detrimental to your bone health and add to problems like arthritis and also if it is making you gain weight it starts off an unhealthy cycle again.

Bio –

Mark Shaun is a physical therapist and a health writer. He believes in simple and effective ways that are best that keeping the body running at prime and often treats clients who have undergone major surgeries like hip and knee replacement surgery. When not at work, this fitness buff is found hiking on the nearest trail with his two sons.

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