3 Ways Accordion Doors Can Benefit Your Factory

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Working in an industrial or manufacturing facility presents a wide variety of challenges that you wouldn’t find in a typical office setting. From ensuring worker safety to keeping valuable equipment properly organized, creating an efficient workspace requires a lot of time and effort—as well as the right equipment. With this in mind, the convenience of accordion doors in your factory cannot be ignored.

Types of Accordion Doors

It is worth noting that there are multiple varieties of accordion doors. For example, industrial accordion closures are often made with U channels and vertical support rails. The use of sturdy “hot roll” steel provides sound structural integrity, even though the door itself doesn’t necessarily muffle sound or block visibility.

In a less industrialized setting, full-length accordion doors that run from the floor to the ceiling are commonly used to transform a larger space into smaller meeting rooms. These accordion doors typically use a vinyl or fabric finish, and are designed to block sound from adjacent areas.

Here’s a closer look at how these installations can have a positive impact in your workplace.

1.    Flexible Use of Space

Each facility is unique, but one thing is certain—your team will be involved in a wide variety of activities throughout their shift. Certain activities require that barriers be put in place to keep areas separate from each other. At other times, your team may need access to the entire factory floor. Accordion doors open and close with ease and don’t take up much space when not in use, allowing you to reconfigure the area as needed.

This can be especially helpful for activities such as separating outgoing shipments—opening the accordion doors ensures that different orders don’t get mixed up. Once the orders have been shipped, the accordion doors can be folded up, restoring the full, open space. The ability to make quick changes to better suit the needs of your workplace can go a long way in improving overall efficiency.

2.    Sight & Sound Control

Even the best workers can get distracted from time to time. By using accordion doors to create partitions within the workspace, you can eliminate these distractions by more effectively blocking outside light and noises. This can be especially helpful when workers in one part of your facility are using noisy machinery. By muffling the sound, accordion doors allow those working on other projects to still be able to communicate effectively.

Of course, strategic placement of your accordion doors is a must if you wish to achieve these benefits. For many managers, installing these partitions around an office area can help ensure that factory activities don’t disrupt office work, and vice versa.

3.    Safety

In an industrial setting, few things are more important than ensuring the safety of your employees. Some tasks are inherently dangerous, such as certain types of manufacturing processes or the use of technical equipment. Having an untrained employee wander into the wrong place at the wrong time could easily end in disaster.

With accordion doors, you have one more tool in your arsenal to prevent such accidents. By using these installations to “close off” hazardous areas when dangerous work is taking place, you’ll be able to keep out unauthorized personnel. This greatly reduces the risk of having someone cause a distraction or get injured by going where they don’t need to be. Once the work is done, you can quickly restore access.

Is it Time to Update Your Facility?

It never hurts to consider new ways that would help your facility become safer and more efficient. With the use accordion enclosures, you can accomplish these important goals without taking up valuable factory floor space. No matter what type of accordion doors you need, you can have confidence that these installations will have a positive impact on your facility.


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