3 Tips For Improving Your Golf Swing

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Golf can be a relaxing, pleasant way to unwind and get a little extra exercise — but there’s no denying that it becomes much more enjoyable when you perform well. While participants in other sports may mostly rely on strength training or cardiovascular endurance to improve their performance, golfers know that their success mostly comes down to their swing. While you can take lessons of indoor golf in Chicago to dramatically improve your game, making a few minor adjustments to your swing can also yield big benefits.

The One Piece Takeaway

Also sometimes referred to as a shoulder foil, this is an essential element of a quality golf swing. The idea is to create a triangle shape between your shoulders and the end of your club during the backswing. This allows you to avoid locking your elbows by instead gradually turning your shoulders as you pull back on the club. This allows your arms to remain relaxed and straight as you draw back, and will give you more power from the body when you swing.


Practice Balance

Proper balance is essential if you wish to achieve a consistent shot on each swing. For best results, you should keep your knees slightly bent, with the majority of your weight placed on the balls of the feet, with the weight evenly dispersed between both feet. If you feel like you are swaying in this position, your feet are too far apart. Avoid leaning too far back or too far forward (it may help to imagine others are standing directly behind and in front of you and trying to push against your chest to keep yourself straight).


Slow Your Tempo

A common mistake made by beginning golfers is that they imagine hitting the ball at a higher speed will give their swing more power. In reality, the speed with which you hit the ball has little to do with the distance it will travel — instead, it all comes down to proper form, which allows you to deliver greater force from the body. To perfect your swing, slow down the speed. This ensures that your body will remain in the proper alignment throughout the entire process, and will make it much easier for you to detect any areas where your sequencing is off.



Mastering these techniques may require a bit of practice, or even some guidance from a qualified instructor. But as you put in the effort to perfect your swing, you’ll be able to see better results on the golf course and get more enjoyment out of this activity than ever before.


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