3 Things to Do After Receiving Her Yes During a Proposal

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You have prepared really hard just to get her to say ‘yes’ to your proposal. This only means that celebration is in order once she has given her acceptance. These are 3 things that you need to do after she agrees to marry you.


Thank her

Before all the celebrations are done, don’t forget to thank her. Take note that even if you have worked really hard for this engagement, it is not about you, but her. She is giving up a lot of things just to settle down with you. The least that you can do is thank her and show her how much it means to you that she accepted your offer. Sometimes, the event can be so overwhelming that you immediately think of sharing the news with other people without even pausing to simply say thank you to her.


Spread the word

Be proud of this moment. If she says ‘yes’, let everyone know about it. In fact, ask your friends and relatives to come over and spend some time with you to celebrate. It could also be the time for her to brag about the ring she received from biggerdiamonds4less.co.uk. Just let her have that moment. She deserves it. Of course, don’t forget to tell everyone about your wedding plans. Make sure the most special people in your lives are there to celebrate it with you.


Take it slow

There might be too much pressure to prepare for the wedding and make it perfect. The truth is that engagements are made for you to know each other better. Don’t hurry things up just because you want to get married immediately. The engagement must be the time for you to determine if marriage is really for you or not. Make use of this time to ask more serious questions of one another. You can even move in together so that you can see how it is living with each other. Again, take as much time as you want. By the time you get married, you should already be sure that you are meant for one another.


Being engaged is just the first step. There are a lot more in store for you along the way. Take some time to celebrate this joyous occasion. Don’t think too much of the future. Engagement is a celebration of love. Let it stay that way.


As long as you are happy with this decision and no one has forced you to do it, there will be no problem. You can get married because you love each other and for no other reason. She will say ‘yes’ to your proposal because she knows you are the perfect person for her.


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