3 Keys to Avoiding Online Dating Nightmares

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So, you want to get back into the dating scene?

If you are like more singles these days, you are apt to steer clear of the bar scene. As for those blind dates friends or family members wanted to set you up on? Well, you know better than to take them up on their offers.

Often, that leaves the option of online dating on the table for you.

As such, are you prepared for the good and bad that go with the world of online dating? If not, you’d best think twice about venturing out on an online date.

While there have been connections and marriages, there have been disappointments. In some cases, there have even been tragedies with online dating.

Make Your Online Dates Ones to Remember for the Right Reasons

So that your online dating episodes go according to plan more often than not, keep some simple tips in mind.

They include:

1. Research

Although online dating is not like putting a college paper together, there is some research to do.

As an example, how well do you know this individual you began talking with over email or the phone. Even if they seem like the greatest thing since sliced bread, could they be nothing more than an act?

If you go online and do a free arrest warrant search, your eyes may open up a little more.

Although you’d hate to think this, what if the person you’re talking to does in fact have a notable criminal record? Isn’t it better to learn that now before you even meet in-person?

While the answer to that question should be clear, some people may still think meeting up is worth the risk. While no one could likely talk you out of a decision, doing some online research is to your benefit. In some cases, it could mean your well-being too.

2. Details

Even if you are someone who loves to talk careful in what you tell someone before getting to know them.

Among the items to keep to you early on:

· Home address and where you work

· Financial info such as where you bank

· Any personal details involving your children

· Specific addresses of where you tend to go such as the gym etc.

As you talk more with someone, and once there is a sense of calm being around them, it is fine to open up about your life.

3. Reality

In the event you are not feeling it with the individual you went out on an online date with, let them know upfront.

Unfortunately, too many men and women can’t talk in direct tones in these types of situations. As a result, mixed signals end up coming out.

It is always better to be honest with the other person than to lead them on. Remember, would you want someone to lead you on for a period of dates?

Should there be some chemistry, you’re better off more times than not to avoid rushing into something. Something that moves too fast can end up blowing up in your face too.

If you find online dating to your liking, it very well could end up leaving a big smile across your face.

When that happens, you could tell your single friends about what a great world online dating can be.



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