3 Easy Rules to Healthy Lifestyle

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healthy lifestyle 3 Easy Rules to Healthy Lifestyle

Being healthy and fabulous is the fashion trend of the century. Whatever your age, whatever your nationality or whatever may be your identity, from the common man to celebrity figures everyone is engrossed in some or other healthy lifestyle trend for their physical, psychological and sociological wellbeing.  In fact, the recent mantra of society has shifted to something of a belief where only the healthy will be considered human enough. Here are the basic health trends you cannot ignore.

1.  Blend Exercise in to your daily routine

The modern lives have been immensely accompanied by stress and physical problems. In a world where every small or big task is performed at the behest of technology, the usual physical activities have been lost. However, to cover up for them sports have emerged as a rage. If you hate going to the gym, pick any of your favorite sports. Of course, you are not required to gain expertise in one, but you must inculcate in your day to day exercise regime. Remember, the whole idea behind exercising is doing any form of physical activity that interests you enough so that you are able to stick to it on a regular basis. In fact, it is totally fine if you don’t exercise regularly. According to a recent revelation by a clinical data management course report, one only needs to exercise for a total of four days a week for an optimum period of forty five minutes in order to obtain a fit body and a healthy lifestyle. Exercising will not only keep all forms of physical problems at bay but also releases a “feel good” hormone in to your body, therefore, taking care of your mental health too.

2.  Pick a Hobby, Kick the Habit

Do not wait for a medical certification to tell you to stop all those excessive drinking as well as smoking habits. Remember, there is no safe limit when it comes to smoking. Even if you light up once in a while, you are doing irreparable damage to your entire body. The sooner you understand this fact and the quicker you ditch such a habit, the better your life will be. Instead, select a hobby. Indulge in to something else that interests you from painting, dancing; music to driving, cooking or it may be anything that you love. As far as you are happy doing it, there is no harm. You can try something that would hone your individual skills or even go for vocational courses such as the clinical data management courses. When you pick a hobby or indulge in something that interests you, you feel good about yourself. According to psychologists, people who feel good about themselves or are happy in their life are unlikely to indulge in any form of drugs or smoking habit.

3.  Keep Stress at bay, Pamper yourself

Well, there could be many stressful elements in one’s life. You may not be able to ignore or eradicate such factors, but yes you can certainly deal with it successfully. Apparently, you must not try to escape stress. It is bound to exist. Rather, you should find ways and tactics which will help you in being energetic and calm even under strenuous circumstances. The best way to achieve this is to go for outings with family and friends. If you are having an occupied as well as stressful week, you must relax at the weekend. Pamper yourself with body spas or foot massages. You can even try meditation and yoga for managing stress. Short vacations to hilly areas also help in cleaning all kinds of stress and clutter from the mind.

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Ronald Erickson is a medical researcher who also teaches for several clinical data management courses


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