17 Tricks For Dealing With The Flu

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Dealing With The FluEverybody has their own personal favorite flu remedy or flu prevention trick. Many individuals know a medicine they can get at their local pharmacy to feel better. Many other people are familiar alternative medicine treatments for the flu. Many people only trust their doctor to help them deal with their sickness.

My wife normally tells me that the best way to deal with the flu is to not get it in the first place. That’s not the most useful advice after the fact. She has that belief because she seems to never get sick. I’m jealous of that. It really must come down to the genetic makeup because she doesn’t live a healthier lifestyle than me. She just doesn’t get sick as often as I do even when I get the flu shot.

I find myself getting the flu almost every single year. I’ve worked to find my flu solution through medicines, homeopathic methods, and even through the doctors advice during my bad cases.

The methods listed below are what I’ve learned. Some you may have heard of. Others you probably haven’t heard of. These methods work with homeopathic procedures, OTC medicines, and prescription medicines.

1. The first thing that you should do is to ensure you don’t reinfect yourself.

  • Get a small cup of hydrogen peroxide and put your toothbrush inside of it. This is particularly important if you have a cold. Toothbrushes can be loaded with germs. Putting them in hydrogen peroxide will clear off the types of flu bacteria that could be living their. It might be a good idea to put it in hydrogen peroxide every night to make sure all the living things are removed.

2. Hydrogen peroxide can also be used for things other than just cleaning your toothbrush.

  • Try putting a couple drops into each of your ears. The hydrogen peroxide can work to eliminate the cold or flu bacteria. This can lead to a little bit of a stinging feeling. Use a Q-tip or cotton ball to put the drops into the ear. A couple minutes later you can use a towel or tissue to remove the extra hydrogen peroxide. At that point you repeat it with the other side. A couple hours later you can repeat the process. You want to continue to use this method until it stops bubbling in the ear. That might take up to 3 or 4 different times. Many people believe that this method is most effective at the first symptoms.

3. A number of experiments were done in Israel that suggest elderberry extract can speed up the healing process.

  • You want to talk to a medical professional before you get started. They can tell you how much to take and how often. They also need to make sure it doesn’t effect any medicines you’re currently taking.

 4. Another supplement that is said to help reduce the severity and length of the sickness is Boneset.

  • It’s typically taken in boiling water with lemon juice and honey for flavor. It’s then sipped like tea. To get the specifics you should talk to your health professional of choice.

5. A popular homeopathic medicine is Oscillococcinum.

  • It can assist with reducing the symptoms of the flu like pain, chills, fever, and aches. It doesn’t make the person taking it feel drowsy. That’s part of the reason it’s so commonly taken.

 6. Imagine being able to reduce the symptoms by 50%.

  • That’s what Naturoksinum claims to be able to do. In fact, it’s one of the most common medicines for different types of flu in France. You can find it throughout the US as well.

7. Many people take echinacea for their flu symptoms.

  • This is another product that you should discuss with a health professional that knows your history before taking. You want to be 100% sure that it doesn’t effect any of the medicines you’re on.

 8. There are two common prescriptions that can be taken to deal with the flu.

  • The first is Tamiflu. The second is Relenza. Both of these medicines should be taken as soon as the symptoms start to work most effectively. Both of these medicines work to prevent the flu from infecting more cells that are still healthy. They are effective with A and B influenza.

 9. There are a number of juices that can improve general health like aloe vera, goji, noni, acai berry, or mangosteen.

  • These juices can actually be used before you get the flu to help improve your immune functioning and possibly even cause flu prevention. I personally love mangosteen. It’s a delicious juice that can make everything feel a little bit better.

10. Many bath and shower products are intended to help your sickness symptoms.

  • It’s one of the more unique natural flu remedies. You can find Abra baths for when you have the cold or flu. You just have to combine it with the water in the bath to help reduce congestion, stop chills, and reduce aching that might come from your sickness. You might recognize the brand that makes Sudacare Shower Soothers. It’s made by the same company as Sudafed. You just put the tablets into the shower and the warm water will release eucalyptus, camphor, and menthol into the shower. That can reduce the congestion you feel.

 11. There are a number of nasal sprays that assist in relieving flu symptoms.

  • Flue Relief is the name of one of the products that you might be looking out for. Nasal sprays aren’t very popular for most people. Not many people enjoy the process of using them.

12. You can take ibuprofen or acetaminophen over the counter to reduce some of your flu symptoms such as headaches, body aches, or fever.

13. Some people get a cough with their flu symptoms.

  • You can find a number of options for cough in stores like Robitussin that can help reduce symptoms. Robitussin even has some options for flu symptoms.

14. It’s also very common for people to become congested.

  • Many people see results with an oral decongestant. You can find a number of options right in your local pharmacy over the counter. You might also want to try Vick’s vapor rub.

15. Many people will have a very painful sore throat with their flu.

  • There are a number of sprays and lozenges that can help the body feel better. Oftentimes I’ll gargle salt water that is slightly warm during periods of throat pain. It’s a method that my mother taught me when I was a child. It works great to relieve the pain.

16. You need to get the proper amount of rest when you’re body is trying to beat the flu.

  • Resting is the best things that your body can be doing so feel free to stay in bed and relax a little. It’s easier to feel better more quickly when you’re resting appropriately.

17. Make sure that you drink plenty of liquids while you’re sick.

  • Just avoid drinks that have caffeine. They could work as a diuretic. It can be difficult for a sick individual to get enough water in their body. If you can’t drink water then try to drink clear juices like sports drinks, flavored water, or Pedialyte. My mother always gave me 7-Up to make me feel better when I was sick. It was something that would go down easy. It also tasted good enough to drink plenty of it. That can help prevent dehydration.

When you don’t treat the flu with the respect it deserves and the right natural flu remedies, it can be life threatening. It needs to be taken seriously. Speak to a doctor if you have any doubt about your condition or it lasts more than just a few days. Also speak to a doctor about your possible needs for a flu shot.

You also want to be careful when you’re treating any sickness. You need to only take medicines for the symptoms that you actually have. Plenty of products on the market intend to treat every symptom that the flu can possibly have but you want to find a medicine that treats only the symptoms you have. When you find the right product that isn’t treating for every symptom possible, you’ll be able to have confidence you’re not medicating yourself too much.

Notice: This is an article for education, not diagnosis or treatment of anything. This is not intended to replace doctor or health professional advice.

Author Bio : Tsvetan Petrov is blogger writing on a daily basis for his blog Get Holistic Health


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