10 Fun Things Kids Can Shoot

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Whether it’s a toy gun, a basketball, or a slingshot, kids (and adults) love to shoot things. Here are 10 games or activities kids can participate in that involve shooting something at something else.

Pool ~ This is a great game for kids to learn. It teaches them about physics and encourages them to develop their hand-eye coordination at a young age. Kids should be given cues that are tailored to their size to make the game easier.

A Basketball ~ While playing the game can be challenging, just shooting some hoops by playing games like 21 and horse is fun and enjoyable for most kids.

A Rubber Band ~ These are surprisingly fun to aim and fire. Even adults can get some guilty pleasure from firing off rubber bands at their colleagues from time to time. The only drawback are the accidental misfires that result in the shame of hitting yourself with your own projectile.

Imaginary Things with Your Finger ~ A child’s finger might be the greatest weapon of all, complete with legendary sound effects and the carnage that can be wreaked from that destructive digit. Just tell your kids to be careful where they aim that thing, or more importantly, at whom: Your child could now be suspended from school for pointing that weapon at another kid.

A Bow (and Arrows) ~ Archery has seen a surge in popularity globally, thanks to the success of The Hunger Games movies and films. The films in particular, which star Jennifer Lawrence as heroine and archery master Katniss Everdeen, have made archery cool and desirable for kids.

A Water Gun ~ The joys of summer are exemplified in water sports, and dousing a friend with your super soaker water gun is always good for some laughs. Of course the funny thing about water guns is the “victim” of your attack often WANTS to get hit, if you’re playing on a fairly hot day.

A Slingshot ~ Not easy to wield, but an old favorite in the arsenal of adventurous kids.

A Hockey Puck (or Tennis Ball) ~ Picking the top corner of the net with a perfectly aimed shot is quite a thrill. For kids who lack access to a hockey rink, a street hockey ball will suffice in place of a puck.

Airsoft Guns ~ Airsoft RC guns are cheap yet highly authentic looking, which makes them very appealing for children to have and hold, even beyond the fun that can be had shooting them at targets.

Light Guns ~ Light guns have been hugely popular at home and in arcades since the dawn of gaming, from Nintendo’s Super Scope to Namco’s GunCon. With motion gaming taking center stage, shooting at virtual targets on screen continues to be a popular form of gaming.



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