10 Creative Ways to Use Ribbons on Wedding Invitations

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Creative wedding invitations are a wonderful way to showcase some personality and flair with your wedding invites. But how exactly do you go about standing out from the crowd? Sometimes, just a single small touch can make all of the difference.

For instance, there’s a near endless number of ways that you can incorporate a decorative ribbon into your custom wedding invitations. Below, find a list of 10 wonderful and easy ways to do just that. Pick the one that works best for you, and then watch as your friends and family rave about your wedding invites for years to come!

  1. Bows: Tie a ribbon into a small, pretty bow, and place it onto your invitation with an adhesive. Or you can utilize pre-tied, self-adhesive bows, eliminating some hassle.
  2. Wraparound Bindings: A wraparound binding, or loose spine binding, is created by tying a thin ribbon along the fold of the invitation, and keeping it together with a simple knot.
  3. Spine Bindings: Get a more official binding on your creative wedding invitations with a spine binding. Punch two holes and string ribbon through them to create a makeshift spine binding!
  4. Fan Bindings: Looking for more bindings for your wedding invites? Try the 1-hole fan binding. Punch one hole into the corner of all of the invitation pieces, and string them together with a ribbon for a unique and modern touch.
  5. Bands: A belly band is a simple wraparound. It adds color, can separate a design, and also can keep the invitation closed. Secure on the back with double-sided tape or an adhesive.
  6. Scrolls: Scrolls are wonderful when you aren’t mailing your custom wedding invitations. Hand them off in person, rolled into a scroll and kept secure with a pretty ribbon and bow.
  7. Hangers: Make sure your wedding invites stay on display, but providing a built-in ribbon hanger. Punch two holes in the top of your custom wedding invitations, and string a ribbon through with enough leftover space to be hung up on something.
  8. Wands: Combine your wedding invites with a wedding favor, all in one! Attach a ribbon to a simple wooden stick to create a pretty wand, then use adhesive to attach the wand to your invite. Abracadabra!
  9. Fasteners: There are more ways to combine creative wedding invitations with wedding favors and add-ons, too. Use a securely tied ribbon around your invitation to hold in place a small baggie which includes a party favor, or simply fun decor, such as confetti your guests can throw during the ceremony!
  10. Closures:  Take the fastener and bag concept a step further, and actually create wedding invites on printed bags. Inside can be confetti, party favors, extra information cards, or anything you want. Close off the bag on top with two punched holes, and a thin ribbon strung between them.

From a small extra touch, to really doing something that your friends have never seen before, there’s no shortage of ways you can incorporate ribbons to make beautiful, memorable and creative wedding invitations.


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