10 Browser Games for Girls

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dressing up celebritiesThere is a common theory according to which girls aren’t as into games as boys are. This is probably the main reason why there are not as many girl games available. However, this is nothing but a misconception. Girls like to play as much as boys, but the reason why they don’t do it is probably because they don’t have as many options. We have made a list of 10 cool girl browser games you can choose from.

Make-up Games

Make-up games are as girly as it gets. They are very popular especially among teenagers. The goal is to create the perfect make up (this includes skin tone, eye shadow, lipstick and accessories) for a predefined character.

Barbie Games

We truly believe that there is no person on the planet who hasn’t heard of Barbie. It is one of the most popular playoff types for little girls, and there are literally thousands of possibilities, from dress-up to adventures or romantic kissing games.

Cooking Games

Competition games, like cooking, are another example of famous, and exciting girlish past-times. It is no secret that a lot of girls develop cooking skills from them, and parents should rejoice. A cooking game works like a competition, in which you have to prepare a certain dish in a certain amount of time.


In the Sims you have to take care of your own virtual family, send them to work, make babies, redecorate their house and basically plan their entire life. It is most popular among girls, even if they are not the only ones that play it.

Dress-Up games

Dressing up, and especially dressing up celebrities or princesses, is one of the favorite past-times for girls. These games have awesome graphics, and a wide selection of outfits. Your little one will never get bored playing such a game.

Pet Games

There is a wide array of pet games that girls can enjoy. With them they will learn more about responsibility of taking care of an animal, and they might also develop compassion for them.

Dating Games

Dating games are enjoyed by girls of all ages, and thanks to the latest technologies they will become more and more popular. If you are too shy to talk to the guy you like in real life this doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun online.

Friendship Games

Friendship games can be played at parties, or alone. For those who are committed to friendship, these games will surely interest you.

Baby Games

You don’t have to be a mom or grandpa in order to take care of babies. With the help of baby games you can take care of your very own virtual toddler, play with him and have fun.

Mermaid Games

As you might have guessed, mermaid games are about mermaids. In them you can become a princess of the underwater world, go on adventures, search for treasures and find true love.


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